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FOX News
Dec 31, 2012 1:00am PST
, medicare and changes that nancy pelosi and speaker don't want to see. the and white house's defense is look, if the republicans are not going to play ball on revenue and tax increases they're fnot going to put the spending cuts on the table. this started out as a discussion about cutting the debt, cutting the deficit and now what's going to happen is th smallest plans on the table are going to-- are not really going to cut the deficit in the long run and don't have major spending cuts and i noticed at one point when he was asked about the sequester, not just the tax side, but the automatic spending cuts about to kick in. he said if we raise revenue by the wealthy paying more, that would be sufficient to turn off this request or what's called the automatic spending cuts and that's what republicans have been suggesting if he raises more revenue raising taxes on the rich, he's not going to put it towards the deficit, but the president kind of suggested that today. >> and a question from the beginning and it's your segment, go ahead. >> i've been on the show for ten seconds, by first time on th
FOX News
Dec 31, 2012 7:00pm PST
don't get, you should demand it. nancy pelosi released the following statement saying i understand at the present time senate democrats are meeting with the vice president. while a final agreement is reached -- when a final agreement is reached rather and passed by the senate i will present it to the house democratic caucus. that is from nancy pelosi. obviously the combination of democratic votes and republican votes in the house would be needed to pass anything because the republican opposition to whatever comes out of the senate if in fact a piece of legislation does come out tonight will probably be great. just hearing from some of the republican reaction to the no additional spending cuts part of the framework of this original deal. also remember this, that this negotiation has been really going on for some 18 months. lawmakers, the white house have known about this for a long time. we are about an hour and a half away from the top of the new year, from 2013. we are an hour a half away from the final fiscal cliff deadline that congress will now miss. we have not seen a piece of
FOX News
Dec 31, 2012 10:00pm PST
shooting spitballs. >> greg: legitimate criticism is not a spitball. nancy pelosi didn't bother to read it. that is not a spitball if you flow a large portion of the economy going to government that do nothing right. that is not a spitballle just why do republican governors say we're not going to do this. let the fed do this. they said we don't like big government. they should control it. to me this is just like we don't likebe you guys. >> andrea: they can opt out if they don't want to opt out. to me, we have to throw spitballs. a lot of promises were made. taxes wouldn't go up. premiums wouldn't go up. keep your doctor. all of those things not true. i think we will be talking about this story and this decision for years and decades come. just i agree. >> kimberly: this show next year at this time. >> andrea: count it. >> juan: get out of the hot tub before i shrivel. >> greg: hope and bo on "days of our lives" and on and off again. it spent a lot of time thinking about it. to me, the big story that changed the election was mitt dropping the ball in the third debate. it was about
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)